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Professional Videography Comes to Android with Blackmagic Camera App Launch

Blackmagic Design has just released the Blackmagic Camera app for Android, which should make Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phone users very happy. The app, released last September for iPhones, offers the advanced features of Blackmagic’s professional cameras to smartphones, offering a range of advanced controls and capabilities. So, let’s take a closer look at what is now available to Android users!

Last September, Blackmagic Design unveiled the Blackmagic Camera app for iPhones, bringing additional capabilities and extra flexibility when filming with an iPhone. Now available for Android users as well, the app includes features like frame rate, shutter angle, white balance, and ISO adjustments. Additionally, the app includes advanced monitoring tools such as focus peaking, zebra patterns, and false color, enhancing its functionality for mobile filmmakers.

Record directly or to Blackmagic Cloud

You have multiple options for managing your recordings with the Blackmagic Camera app. You can save recordings directly to your phone’s local storage and then export them to an external drive. Alternatively, you can log in to Blackmagic Cloud, select a DaVinci Resolve project before you start recording, and have each recording automatically uploaded and synced with all members of the project. Another option is to manually record to your phone and then upload selected clips to the cloud when you have a connection.

HUD – Heads up display. Source: Blackmagic Design

Easy navigation and settings

The HUD (Heads-Up Display) allows you to view and adjust key settings at a glance based on your smartphone’s capabilities. Here are just a few!

  • Lens: Select front or rear, wide-angle or zoom.
  • FPS (frames per second): Adjust the framerate from the preset 24fps to 60fps.
  • Shutter speed: 1/24 – 1/8000 – suggested speeds on a speed dial or set it manually.
  • Timecode: Display either the duration of recording (timecode turns red) or the time of day.
  • ISO: 25 to 10666, based on the phone model and lens selected.
  • White Balance/Tint: Set manually (2500°K to 10,000°K.), or use the Cloud, Shade, Fluorescent, Incandescent, or Daylight preset.
  • Focus: Autofocus on or off, plus tap screen autofocus. Manual control from minimum focus distance (0.00) to maximum focus distance (9.50).
  • Audio meters: VU or PPM – monitor levels of the internal microphone or external sources.
  • Storage indicator: Remaining recording time on the phone’s internal memory in hours, minutes, and seconds. 
  • Upload indicator: Displays the name of the clip, upload speed, percentage of the clip that is uploaded, and time remaining to complete.

Adjustments are simple, and most can be done by tapping the corresponding icon on the HUD. For instance, simply tap the ISO setting to control the exposure without the need to navigate any sub-menus. You can get the details for all the settings on the Blackmagic website.

Price and availability

The Blackmagic Camera app for Android phones is available to download now for free. Please note that the app is only compatible with select Android phones.

For more information, see Blackmagic Design’s website.

Are you an Android user who is excited about finally having access to this app? Let us know your experience with it in the comments below!